Wild Horse
Laying still                         
                                                    She rages,
                                                    contained, strained
                                                    eyes fierce with determination
It’s different this time
                                                    She fumes, snorts,
                                                    desperate to run wild,
There was a time
When my body was nothing but pain
For many years
Emotional pain
                                                    She remembers,
                                                    lurches violently
This is now
This is a different kind of pain
It will pass.
                                                    She begins to hear
                                                       the soothing words
I stroke her head
Tell her it’s going to be all right
                                                   The urge and desire
                                                    to run is strong
Just go inside and see what it feels like
You can leave again
                                                   She is scared
That was then
                                                    She likes the gentle touch
                                                    Maybe this will be different
Ablaze behind the eyes
Pounding so that my whole head
Feels like it is the center of a drum
Throbbing rhythmically
It burns
It is
                                                   She is calmer now
I move further into the center
Of the pain
It pierces through my whole body
Pulsating, thumping, pounding
the foreign assailant
                                                   I cease running
And become the pain
For a few brief moments
It dissolves.