“A society capable of naming itself lives within its stories, inhabiting and furnishing them. We ride stories like rafts, or lay them out on the table like maps. They always, eventually, fail and have to be reinvented. The world is too complex for our forms ever to encompass for long. How many new stories and groups will it take before the world recognizes its evolutionary potential, not just its baseness?” (Hawkin, 2007, p. 25)

“I think the mundane events of our lives are already stories, but they are only invested with significance in the ways they are told. Just as an artist represents a still image of the ocean rolling onto a beach, the writer holds a moment, a part of a moment, in order to draw attention to it. In this way the artist and the writer present to us images that are emblematic of the billions of movements that are given little attention (Leggo, 2008b, p. 4).
“The question of how life on ‘this precious earth’ can go on is a question of how the conversation  between different voices can go on” (Jardine, 1990, p. 77).