Presence doesn’t want for anything.
My body is a container to hold presence -
my mind craves when I am…
not attending
not home
not present
    my mind.
Conscious awareness of my thoughts allows me a window into the world I am creating every moment of every day and an opportunity to change how I think and how I feel and ultimately how I treat myself and others and the world around me.
This isn’t a journey that can be realized through the intellect, rather, it is a spiritual journey that must be experienced and practiced daily /hourly/ moment by moment. Each moment /hour /day I get freer of my mind and my belief that I am separate…and free of the craving, the running, the searching for gratification from people, places, and things that make me feel temporarily whole.
All is within
everything I ever needed and wanted
- to be love -
is within me and
within all of creation.
I am…
the seed that blossoms into the most glorious and heavenly flower.
I have an opportunity to alter my perception - to see the world anew - with new eyes and rebuild, regenerate, re-awaken to the glory, magnificence, and abundance of this place in which we live.
As I travel this journey I crave less ‘stuff’.  The longing for people, place and things to fill me up is replaced by a desire to be present.  I am becoming more interested in how I can help nurture this land, these rivers, trees, animals, species at risk, forests, and lakes. I am more attuned to their needs - which are similar to mine - clean air, water, nutrient rich soil and love. If I poison and pollute my body, it goes back into the environment to pollute it. Everything is interconnected - we are a part of all that is.
“Experiencing the present is being emptied and hollow; you catch grace as a man fills his cup under a waterfall” (Dillard, 1974, p. 82).
“…we have often overlooked our greatest gift, hidden in plain sight—our own passionate presence” (Ingram, 2003, p. xvi).