I give this work as an offering of what I have given my heart to over the last year. I invite you to walk with me, beside me, on my journey of attending ecologically to place.
                            My journey of seasons,
                                            and solitude.
I encourage you to wander freely - to go where you are led - as there is no beginning and no end, rather this work is a series of fragments and a small part of a larger journey I am on.
“Close proximity to the natural environment - being in Nature - alters us in ways which remain pretty much unexplored, even undescribed in our culture. I am suggesting that these ways in which such a closeness affects us, from dreams to more subtle and less describable phenomena, are real, and that we should stop thinking, with our inflated human egos, that all the influence is the other way around. We might try to shift our thinking in this direction so that we stop blithely improving the natural world around us and begin to learn, as Aboriginal people have, what Nature in her subtle but powerful manner has to teach us about how to live. More and more I am coming to believe that our alienation from the natural world is at root of much that has gone wrong in the modern world, and that if Nature has anything to teach us at all, her first lesson is in humility” (Butala, 1994, p. 92).