This is an exploration - a passage of time - to reawaken, re-imagine, and co-create a sense of belonging. A longing to bridge the divide that keeps me separate from...
my body,
    the earth,
            the life blood that pulses through my veins,
                each other,
        who I really am,
    my breath,
My story will unfold as an emerging expression of
capturing the exquisite beauty, exacting imperfections and complexities of this place I call home.
I will capture these expressions as collages and present them on a web site. Each web page will convey a different theme and may or may not be hyper linked to other web pages with similar themes.
 “To open ourselves to the work such as the inquiry we read here - work by its nature is generous and generative and keeps the wilderness inside of us alive - will feed our faith in human possibility” (Neilsen, 2008, p. xvii).
My research methodology is to understand - stand under - stand reverently in the midst of something -
not consuming
         or overriding
not imperceptible
        or invisible
but present
learning to be present.