Instincts & Animal Tracks
I have yet to see a moose on my perambulations around Terrace but I have seen plenty of tracks and fresh droppings. Walking up Lanfear hill the other day I came across recent moose tracks and fresh droppings. I stood in the presence of a feeling that there was a large animal nearby that warranted great reverence in my presence. Knowing the moose was sharing the same territory as I changed the way I walked through that area. I was humbled and I felt small. It raised the hairs on my back and made me acutely aware of my animal presence. I turned inward for subtle signals and signs from my body.
I reflected on just how different this place is than anywhere I have lived. No way could story books and textbooks capture what I experience living here. I am seduced by the rugged expanse and unrestrained beauty.
“I believe that areas of the body other than the recognized five senses are able to apprehend information about the world which often is not available through the acknowledged senses” (Butala, 1994, p. 122).
“I didn’t know that there is a place deep inside where one’s real life goes on, much like an underground river in parched, dry country, which flows whether one knows about it or not”
(Butala, 1994, p. 35).