Foremost, I would like to thank my daughter Quinn. She seamlessly transitioned into a vibrant, spirited life in a new city this past year and lovingly stood by my side for many days when I was at the computer for hours and had to delay being with her to do th
is work. I would also like to thank her father, Jordan, for being willing to be flexible with parenting our daughter and for his support and encouragement. My mother’s feelings of pride for the work I am doing carried me through this past year. She generously gifted me this opportunity and I am most thankful to her.  I would like to acknowledge my father for instilling a love of the natural world in me from early childhood. His love of the natural world has had a profound influence on me and my decision to take this program. Thank you Dad and thank you Aunt Marg for sharing your stories of how you contribute to making this world a better place; you are an inspiration. And to my brothers who stood in the wings as I took flight: you watched me, appreciated me and loved me ~ thank you.
This project would not have taken this shape had it not been for Dr. Carl Leggo. He attended closely to what was calling me and encouraged me to soar above and beyond my expectations. I have been deeply moved by this process and am genuinely grateful to have had such an inspiring and encouraging thesis supervisor. He kept this project alive for me - what a gift. Thank you Carl.
I would also like to thank Dr. Rick Kool for his boundless energy, enthusiasm and support. This project challenges conventional approaches to thesis production and Dr. Kool paved the way for me to follow what I felt most called to do. Without his support, undertaking this project may have been much more difficult ~ thank you Rick.
There have been many mentors along the way who, by being authentically themselves, have inspired me to follow my heart and discover what I most love ~ to Hilary Leighton, Dr. Elin Kelsey, and Dr. Bob Kull thank you.
There are those who blaze paths so that others may follow in their courageous footsteps. Thank you M.J. Barrett for your most insightful hyper-textual doctoral dissertation.  
And to my many friends who were not surprised by my thesis approach and were available at different times to encourage me to keep moving forward.
I would like to acknowledge my students last year who told me that words on a page are just words on a page - they only become meaningful when the words are broken up into smaller bits and interspersed with pictures, diagrams, and visuals.  I realized that word only documents are exclusive to a vast majority of people and this understanding has inspired my work.
And, lastly, to anyone I might have missed and to all my relations ~ the river, the Trumpeter Swans, the wind ~ I thank you for your voices and contribution to this work.