Ferry Island
Walking in Ferry Island...
                                        listening to the chorus of the trees
                                                as the wind rustles their leaves...
                                                             to the ground
                                                                to be recycled
                                                                    and give new life for next spring’s growth.
The sound brings me back to my body -
        I smell the dampness in the fall air and see with new eyes.
What is there to see in this light,
    at this time,
        with these eyes
I am reminded of my life in the city and how difficult it was to be ‘attuned’ to my bodily sensations. It was sensory overload. The smells of exhaust, sounds of traffic and noise, and sights of concrete and steel seem so foreign. It seems so natural that I would live in my head in the city.
It makes sense why it became so much harder to live there.
I was craving this,
    to be in my body;
        reawakening to the sounds of the trees
            is soothing, comforting and restful.
It makes me want to be here
                                                            fully present in body and mind.
        It’s so beautiful here.
                        My body is beautiful.
I feel like I am falling
for fall
in love
Serendipitous rapture
finding its right place
to rest, decompose
creating new life from life
In the spring
a new
“What is not obvious is that the study of the environment begins with your own body: what you do to it, what you do with it, and what it does to the environment”
(Hurren, 2000, p. 43).