I have read quite a bit about embodied learning/knowledge but don’t think I really understood what it was. Perhaps, I understood it with the intellect only. Today on my hike up Terrace Mountain, I began to think that I am coming to know what this means to me and why I need to do this research. I am not sure I can even put it into words yet -
                    It is
                        a body knowing
                animal instinct
            parts of my body informing
        being at home in the world
    attuned to the breath
        flesh and blood
                    it is all of this and more than this.
“Embodied knowing of places would mean attending to the smells, tastes, touches, intuitions and emotions that we associate with a place” (Hurren, 2000, p. 98).
“For Merleau-Ponty, as for us, embodiment has this double sense: it encompasses both the body as a lived, experiential structure and the body as the context or milieu of cognitive mechanisms (Varela, Thompson & Rosch, 1991, p. xvi).